Let’s step away from bashing the celebrities for wearing the wrong dresses and give some credit to the gal’s that took our breath away beauty wise! 

I’d have to say, and I might be biased, that Mila Kunis rocked it. Kunis usually looks effortlessly beautiful but here we see the simplicity of her elegance and her truly natural radiance up close, thanks to Elle.com. Her stylists kept her makeup simple and her hair classic. Although she’s not trying anything new she’s definitely got the basics down!

Her runner up, in my books, was a close one with Scarlett Johansson. Johansson continues to change up her look and with her new shortened do plus orange/bronze eye shadow, to play up her green eyes, she’s looking pretty darn good. Remember to play with the color of your eye shadow based on your eye color. For instance, complimentary colors do wonders to bring out your eyes. Use brown/orange hues for blue eyes, red/orange for green, blue for brown etc. 

Next up are a few that just looked great to me. Nude lips are in as you can see on Johanson, Portman, and Witherspoon. These ladies are seasoned red carpet celebrities and they know how to pull off glam as easily as it is for me to get dressed to go to the supermarket! 

On both Natalie Portman and Reece Witherspoon their hair was pulled back and away from their faces specifically to show off their earrings. Also good to note, they didn’t bother with a necklace wearing earrings as stunning as theirs.


Anne Hathaway had her work cut out for her that night but her first look was the best and I’m a sucker for classic red lipstick!

Hailee Steinfeld is perhaps the only young actress besides Emma Watson that I actually enjoy watching as she matures! Thanks to Lindsey Lohan these girls have to work extra hard to re-invenet the image of youth on the red carpet. 

Hailee kept her makeup age appropriate and simple. Her hair stylist threw her hair up into a simple updo with a sparkling headband to show off her darling smile!

For the after party Miss Steinfeld made red converse all the rage by taking her high heels off and sporting a pair with her custom Marchesa gown!

What were your favorite beauty looks?