See a theme here?
As you can see from several December 2010 magazine covers,
gold is in
in a big, blingy, holiday way.
I was really excited to see this trend making a classy comeback this month, because it’s one of my very favorite ways to accessorize when I have. It’s fun, it’s eye-catching, and yet it’s still elegant.
As I sat there drooling over these gorgeous get-ups that Natalia, Heidi, and Anne are rockin’, it got me inspired:
Why not try a similar look with make-up? 
I went on the hunt to see what I could find in the way of marvelous maquillage:
Love it! This ethereal look reminds me of Christmas lights and angels and ancient goddesses all at once. Not bad.
However, most of us can’t pull this whole thing off without a personal stylist or an incredible amount of confidence. Sooo, I decided to focus in on the eyes to find a look that is easily-applied and easily worn.
Luckily, the lovely Miss Katy demoed this great look just recently in a really simple, elegant way.
(Thanks to for the pics.)
A little bit of shadow and some falsies, and you’ve got a seriously smokin’ holiday look. Toned down a little bit, gold eyeshadow is also great for a soft spring palette or with some bronzer for a lazy summer beach vibe.
 Here is a tutorial for a really simple, elegant gold eye. It’s great if you just want to try it out for the first time or if you’re going for a subtle, sophisticated air.

If you’re a bit more on the wild side and want to razzle-dazzle this Christmas, try these sparkly eyes on for size:

So what do you think? Will you try some gold glamor this Christmas?