Oh lip balm…we girls just can’t live without you. How many times have I realized my favorite tube or pot of balm was nowhere to be found and went into full blown meltdown mode? Pulling over at a convenience store with no actual cash and using a debit card to purchase yet another version of lip balm has happened more times then I can count. I felt like I couldn’t go without it for even the shortest of days.
Do you feel as addicted as I did? Well, as much as it may be a form of habit, not a real addiction, there is some evidence pointing to ingredients that dry out the lips making you apply more! Curious to find out a few brands that (in my opinion) are not drying and focus on more natural ingredients? Read on to find out more!
Smith’s Rosebud Salve has been a staple for balm junkies since 1895. Originating in Woodsboro, Maryland, this favorite balm became instantly popular and is now distributed all over the world. Known for it moisturizing and lightly scented rose qualities, this balm is thought to be an all-purpose salve and according to the website “is perfect for travel as an eye make-up remover, cuticle softener, sunburn easer, dry skin healer, and frizzy fighter. Use Rosebud Salve around the eyes and on the throat for severely parched, dry, or wrinkled skin.” I love multi purpose products and this balm is never drying and comes in handy for lots of beauty dilemnas!
Previously devoted to another brand, which I will not name, I found out that brand had a common ingredient of menthol. What menthol does is it dries out your lips, making you use more product, which then makes the company more money. With this in mind, I was super excited to find Burt’s Bees. I found that Burt’s was more moisturizing and contained natural peppermint oils to give it a minty sensation along with nourishing beeswax as the main ingredient. I don’t feel as though my lips are super dry when I am without this balm. That to me is the true test.
Another great minty balm, which is a favorite if mine if you couldn’t tell, is EO’s Organic Peppermint Lip Balm. EO is a family owned and operated  company founded on the principle of using organic ingredients to make high quality personal products. My best friend gave me a tube of this balm and I got instantly hooked on the slick and smooth application as well as the mild and minty taste. It is totally nourishing and full of shea butter and jojoba as well as avocado and coconut oils.
These are my three favorties over the past few years. Non-drying, natural, and nourishing to the body, these balms have stood up to my rigorous expectations!
What is your favorite lip balm? We would love to hear your recommendations!