During the winter, I have a pretty healthy relationship with my black eyeliner. It’s sultry, smokey, and makes me look far more awake than I pretend to be. When it starts to warm up, however, and I’m wearing more tank tops and lighter clothing, the really dark eyeliner starts to appear like more of a black eye than an artistic statement.
What’s a girl to do, then, when she still wants to look polished and put-together? Luckily, I had a revelation. It actually all started off as an accident, as I was hunting around in my drawer for a basic go-to brown eyeliner one frumpy Friday.
Instead of finding my trusty blah brown, my hand magically wrapped around the Styli-Style bronze eyeliner I had completely forgotten buying. In a hurry, I swiped it on and headed out the door, only to look in the mirror a few hours later and be amazed at the great combination of earthy and exotic.
Now, here’s my favorite combination/how-to. 
Step 1. Define brows. I think this is actually really important in creating this look. Once your face is framed, it sets the stage for a balanced look and also allows you to wear less makeup!
Step 2. Line upper and lower lids in the bronze eyeliner, making sure to go all the way to the corner of the eye. If you’re brave, line your waterline as well. I personally like flicking up the top liner just a little bit, just to open up the eyes a little and create shape.
Step 3. Sweep on some matte, non-shiny brown eyeshadow all over lid. You want this to be a nice rich brown with no shine, because otherwise you’re going to look like a chocolate robot if you go metallicy everywhere.
Step 4. Add just a touch of cream or ivory highlighter beneath brow.
Step 5. Add mascara and curl eyelashes.
I love how the metallic sheen of the liner really brightens up the eyes and adds some fun and vivacity to your look, while the brown eyeliner keeps it neutral and earth-bound at the same time. You can use really any bronze eyeliner you like; just make sure to get a pencil that is creamy because you want one that can blend easily.
Anna Kendrick rocked this look earlier this year:
(Anna’s pics from Glamor.com)
She looks fresh-faced and classy, with just a hint of elegant playfulness. I actually love how her blue eyes pair with the bronze — it’s a stunning combo — but luckily this look works great with any eyecolor. I actually love the pairing of the eyeliner with the gold earrings as well; it really ties her whole look together without looking gaudy.
What do you guys think? Will you try ditch the black this summer and go boldly bronze? If you have any other bronze eye tips, please share them below!