Some of you loyal Lulus fans or longtime beauty junkies like myself might remember earlier this year when I reviewed a couple of products from Boscia Skincare and promised another review in the future. Well, here is the second review!
I actually decided to postpone the second review until I could get my hands on a couple of their new products, and I’m certainly glad I did. The Revitalizing Black Hydration Gel and the B.B. Cream SPF 27 PA++ were completely worth the wait.
I’m going to start with my favorite:  

Here’s how their fabulous Marketing Coordinator Mari described it to me when I considered trying it out: 
“The Revitalizing Black Hydration Gel is a moisturizer without SPF that can be worn in the day or at night. It is a gel consistency and actually dispenses black, but blends completely clear into the skin. It provides a cooling sensation upon contact with the skin, and instantly tightens and refines pores. It is super refreshing and helps absorb excess oil, keeping you matte throughout the day.”
Sounds intriguing, right?
Well, let me just say that this stuff is awesome! I’ve been using it for about a week now, and I already feel like my skin is happier and more refreshed. The best part:  matte finish! Hallelujah! As the girl who still suffers from blah, oily skin at 26, I must say this was such a relief! I usually find myself reapplying powder all day or blotting toilet paper on my nose during breaks, but this morning my skin looked so smooth and calm that I seriously debated going sans-makeup for the day! Another awesome fact:  my eyes look less puffy in the mornings. While this is by no means an eye cream and I avoid applying it even near my eyes, it seems to decrease some of the all-over swelling in my skin when I apply it overnight.
As for pore-refining, it’s hard to tell. I think I may need a few more weeks of it to be sure, but the insta-cooling feel is awesome on thirsty skin so commonly found during the fall. (Hint:  guys like it, too! It makes a great aftershave!) I also love the fact that my face doesn’t feel all oily and gooey after I apply my moisturizer; it simply feels moisturized. Plus, It comes in a nifty little jar dispenser that pumps out black gel, so it’s fun to play with. In other words, this stuff is awesome.
The second thing  I’m really excited about is the new 
Here’s how Mari described it to me:
“The B.B. Cream is a tinted product. It comes in a single, universal shade that actually self-adjusts as you apply it to your skin. It could be compared to a tinted moisturizer in that it does provide coverage, but in fact it is very different because it comes with a whole host of skincare benefits. It offers anti-aging, brightening and skin-soothing properties, as well as a high grade of SPF protection. It also has primer-like qualities and leaves a smooth and even finish on your skin for a completely flawless look. Many people completely replace their foundation with it, or choose to set it with a powder.” 
I’ve always wanted to try one of those self-adjusting forumlas, so I thought this would be a great start. Plus, I’ve become pretty strict about making sure I’m wearing sunscreen either in my makeup or moisturizer, so this seemed like a good bet. When I first put it on, I thought the color was a bit too pink, but after just a few minutes I coulnd’t even tell where I had put it on! The color was almost exactly perfect.
It does dry extremely quickly though, so make sure to only use small amounts at a time or else the product will dry in weird patches, especially if your skin is dry. I actually wore the Revitalizing Hydration Gel beneath the B.B. Cream and it went on much more smoothly. 
Probably my favorite aspect of the B.B. Cream is its brightening properties. My face looked dewy and glowing all day long, which I really loved and definitely wasn’t expecting. Those of you gals with oily skin like mine may need to set it with a light layer of powder as it can create a little extra shine in the T-zone, but you won’t need much. This is a really great product if you’re not looking for a whole lot of coverage (it doesn’t really cover blemishes) but do want to even out your skin tone. It’s super light-weight and totally invisible, so it doesn’t feel like you’ve plastered a whole bunch of gunk on your face. Definitely worth a try!
Finally, and while this is not a completely new product, I have to mention on the 
This is by far one of Boscia’s most popular products, and for good reason; it works! Here’s how it works: Smear a whole bunch of black goo (yes, it goes on black!) all over your face, avoiding eyes, nose, eyebrows, and mouth. Let it dry until your face feels all tight and there are no more wet patches. Peel off.
Yup, you heard me. Simply snag a corner of the mask and start peeling it off! This part is so fun/creepy that I’m not really sure how to describe it except that you really need to try it yourself. Once you’ve got it all peeled off, rinse with warm water to remove any remaining pieces, and get ready to be amazed! Your skin seriously feels baby soft and soooo smooth. Plus, it removes a lot of the build-up in your skin, so it’s really refreshing after a really tough day at work or when your face is feeling particularly bad. In other words, it’s the perfect clean slate.
Which one are you going to order? Head on over to their website to check out all their fabulous products!
(P.S. If you order over $25 (which is only like one product!), they will throw in a FREE Luminizing Black Mask AND Free Shipping; just use the code “boo.” Yay for freebies!)