Some of you gals may remember us featuring the amazing OPI Black Shatter polish last fall, and today we are excited to inform you that OPI has introduced five more shatter colors. You heard me, five!
The new Shatter additions include White Shatter, Turquoise Shatter, Silver Shatter, Red Shatter, Navy Shatter, and Blue Shatter, in addition to the original Black Shatter.
Never heard of shatter? OPI explains it:
Here’s what it looks like:
With the Silver Shatter released to coincide with the opening of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, this awesome color, as well as the rest of the new shatter colors, were released in May 2011. Here’s what Suzi Weissman, OPI’s Executive VP & Artistic Director, had to say about the collection:

“Black Shatter was received with great fanfare, showing that women are looking for new ways to express themselves and are excited to try different textures on their nails . . . By adding a variety of colors to the line, there are more options for every woman, whether she is looking for a funky aquamarine or elegant deep blue. Unlike traditional nail art which can be complicated and difficult to replicate, Shatter is easy to use and allows everyone to experiment with this new trend.” 
(Read the rest of the press release here.)

In addition to the new colors, OPI is also offering instructional videos with each bottle of polish; simply scan the code on the bottle with your smart phone or camera phone, and you will be directly linked to the how-to application video.

If you’re not sure which Shatter color you want, or if you want to see what the various Shatters look like paired with different base colors, check out the “Try on This Color” feature on the OPI website.


Want some Shatter of your own? Head to and click “Where to Buy” in the upper right hand corner. Enter your zip code and the site will populate a list of salons that sell them in your area.
What cool Shatter combinations have you come up with? Post your favorite picture below!