Want a fun way of decorating your nails that involves very little polish? Lace nail art is a beauty trend I have been eyeing for months now, and I just had to see how to do it.  
The great thing about this nail art is that you can add many variations to the look. You can mix up the color combinations, lace only one nail, alter the texture, or lace just the tips. This gives your nails a classy yet edgy vibe that will be sure to catch attention. 
Here is how to attain this amazing look:
What You Need:
* Nail color of your choice
* A piece of lace large enough to cover however many nails you are lacing
* Top coat
* Scissors
* Tooth pick
1. Measure the lace and cut it to fit whatever section of the finger nail you are lacing.
2. Apply nail polish as the base coat and let dry.
3. Apply top coat and immediately place the lace on your nail so it dries with the polish.
4. Use a toothpick to arrange the lace, and then press it firmly onto the lace so it is secured on the nail. 
5. Apply three sets of top coat. This is so there is a thick layer of a glossy finish on top of the lace.


(photos courtesy of Pinterest and alllacqueredup)