Sweet pic, right?
When I saw this makeup online, I was instantly smitten and raced back to the photo studio to see if our makeup artist, Sarah, could create a similar look on our own model, Kennedy.
Because she’s awesome, Sarah of course said yes! With the help of our awesome photographer Marty, we’ve created for you the perfect New Year’s Eve Eyeshadow Tutorial! This one is a bit more toned down, but it’s really fun, easy to do, and would be perfect for your New Year’s party tomorrow night!

Before You Begin:  Create an even playing field. Even out the skin tone, starting with foundation primer. Then add full coverage liquid foundation and concealer and finish with mineral powder to set it. Finally, fill in the eyebrows to create a strong brow, and add some blush to create a lovely glow. 
Step 1:  Color and Liner.
Sarah blended together shades of blue, grey, black, and silver to create a sexy smoky eye. In the corners, she added some shimmery gold to add warmth. Black eyeliner is also really important here, not only to add extra drama but also to define the eye shape and add a dark base for the false lashes to hide against. She winged it out just a bit on the sides to accentuate their almond shape and create a sexier look.
Step 2: Fake lashes.
These really amp up the wow factor and pretty much doubled the size of Kennedy’s eyes. To ensure a secure fit, Sarah has two tips:  1. Cut the lashes to fit your eye lid length. If they’re too long, they’ll peel up much more easily in the corners. 2. Keep your eyes closed until the glue has dried! If you move your eyes while the glue is still wet, they could dislodge or stick on crooked. When the glue is dry, apply mascara to both your natural lashes and the falsies to blend them all together. Also, add mascara to the bottom lashes to finish the smoky eye.
Step 3:  Gems!
Here’s the fun part! By dabbing the tip of a bobby pin in eyelash glue, Sarah easily created this dazzling rhinestone creation on the outsides and inner corners of Kennedy’s eyes.
Who doesn’t love a Before and After?!? Look at the amazing transformation!
Ta-da! Add your favorite lipstick and a sparkly dress, and you’re ready to hit the town!

What Sarah Used:
Foundation Primer, Liquid Foundation, & Mineral Powder: Mary Kay
Eyeshadow: Sephora color palette, Urban Decay in Jinx, Smashbox Smokebox Palette, Bedhead Cyberoptics in Gray
Lashes:  Sonya Kashuk from Target
Gems:  Nail Art from Sally’s Beauty Supply (but you can use rhinestones from anywhere)
Lipstick:  Kennedy’s favorite! Revlon Iced Ameythst
What She’s Wearing: