Ladies, it is time to flip things around! The Reverse French Manicure is an awesome trend that I have had my eyes on for quite some time. Recently, I was finally brave enough to try it and I am absolutely enthralled with this amazing nail trend.
What I love most about it is that you can mix and match colors and add a number of variations to keep your nails looking sassy and amazing without over-doing the trend.

 What You Need:
*Top Coat
*Base Coat
*Two Different Nail Colors
*Sheet of Computer Paper
 1. Apply a base coat on your nails
 2.  After base coat has dried, apply a layer of your first polish. Let dry.
 3. Tear off an end of the computer paper and use the straight edges as a stencil.
 4. Place it near your cuticle with some space reserved for you other polish to show.
 5. Paint your other polish on the end of your nail with the paper as your barrier. This provides for a neat and clean divider. I would suggest a dark color to cover the other polish completely on top.
 6. Once dry, apply a top coat. 

Feel free to use a glitter polish instead of another color to add some variation to your look. You can also choose where you paper divider lies if you wish to have something other than a straight border. 
Can you think of any awesome combinations for this nail trend?