Say good-bye to over-plucking forever with this latest beauty how-to! Beautifully shaped eyebrows create a frame for the face, making them an essential part of our beauty maintenance. Eyebrows help create your unique look and, just like personalities, everyone’s are different. There are absolutely no eyebrows that are identical, this includes your own! It is extremely difficult to get both of your eyebrows looking around the same shape, so I created this how-to to help you out.

According to makeup artist, Christi Harris, “It’s really about remembering three key steps: design, define, and diffuse.”
Here is how to attain those perfect eyebrows:
1. Work with what you have. You can remove hair or use an eyebrow pencil to make them look fuller, but you can’t instantly grow them. 
2. Know where your eyebrows should start. Draw an invisible line from the outer sides of your nostril to your brows (1). This is where your brows should begin to help you start shaping your eyebrows the right way.
3. Determine where your arch should begin. Take the eye pencil and start at the end of your nose and line it up to the point above your iris (2). It is to your discretion as to how tall you would like your arch. Don’t go too high, you don’t want to always look surprised.
4. Find where your tail should end. Start at your nose again and line up the end of your eye (3). Everyone’s eyes differ in size and this is one of the many reasons why no two people have the same shaped brows.
5. Trim if needed. This is a great way to get rid of bushy eyebrows without tweezing. Brush your eyebrows straight up and trim whatever hairs are coming out of your natural shape. If there are any uneven spaces, then just fill in with an eyebrow pencil until more hair grows.
Here is a video tutorial from Howdini to give you a visual of what I described above:

Important note: One bad pluck and the hair is gone forever. Be careful!!
 Now go tame those eyebrows, ladies!