I’ll admit, I’ve been a little bangs-obsessed lately, but I figured you can never know too much before taking the shears to your own hair (especially the hairs hanging right in front of your face!). So, this time around, I’ve added some trimming tips for those of you who are bold enough (I salute you) to tackle the straight across bang.

Enter Ted Gibson, who I love from What Not to Wear, though he’d earned his shears long before TLC picked him up. The good news: Ted says that bangs are a great way to frame the face and make you look thinner AND younger. Sold!
Watch him in action:
If you’re a note-taker, like me, then these should help:
* Use smaller shears for more precision.*
* Never trim wet bangs, cuz when they dry they’ll shrink up and be way shorter than you intended.*
* Section off the hair that you don’t want to cut with a comb.*
* The perfect bang width is from iris to iris.*
* Cut vertically up and down, slowly, and NEVER cut in a straight line.*
So, ladies, be brave and get snippin’!