Have you ever had a friend whose work never ceases to amaze you? Well, I have a few of those friends from my days at design school, but one in particular whose photographs keep me on my toes and waiting for more.

My friend, Daniel Martin Noval, is the photographer who did the photos for the blogs that I did when I was in Hawaii last March. 

A few weeks ago Daniel leaked an idea for a photo shoot based loosely on Ingrid Bergman and the film, Casablanca (which I highly recommend for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet). Daniel had also mentioned that he was thinking about using the model Victoria that we used for a photo shoot in Portland about a year ago so needless to say I was very excited to see how the project would turn out.

The outcome of his idea was so wonderful that I had to share it!


 What a great way to pay homage to one of the most beautiful women of all times, Ingrid Bergman.