It’s no secret that burlesque star Dita Von Teese is one of my favorite fashion and beauty icons.
From her gorgeous 1940’s style wardrobe to her retro red lipstick, Dita’s look is classic and always perfection.
But perhaps what I love most about her image is that it’s completely self created.
In an age where Hollywood starlets are dressed by stylists and groomed by makeup artists, it’s refreshing to see a knock out like Dita who has done all the work herself, even for a day of shopping (pictured left).
Born Heather Sweet, Dita was a natural blonde from Michigan, who, over the years, cultivated her image as a vampy, raven-locked beauty with a keen eye for vintage and glamour.
If you happen to see Dita at a press event or gala opening, you can bet she’s curled her hair and applied her own lipstick just an hour before. I even love how she skips the salon and dies her own hair at home, posting on her Twitter page: $8 box of black hair dye=new outlook on life today.”
I find this idea of self-created glamour very inspiring. It’s something that’s accessible to your average gal, like me, and it doesn’t take a fortune to achieve. I recommend watching the interview clip below where Dita talks more about her take on beauty and style.

 P.S. Dita is to release her very own beauty book in the upcoming year, so stay tuned!!