Halloween is just four days away, and most of you probably have some amazing costume ideas up your sleeves! (I’ve been hearing about some pretty interesting ones from the girls here at Lulus.com – Lady Gaga anyone?)
However, if you’re anything like me, you still have no idea what to be. This happens to me every year, and every year I go around in panic attack about an hour before I head out in attempt to find a costume. Not so this year! I have found the perfect costume for a girl who loves makeup but is terrible at thinking of costumes: face paint!
Check out these insanely awesome face paint costumes:

(Add a flowy purple dress and you’re set!)


 (All you need is a feather in your hair and a fancy dress for the complete look!)

 (Shrug into your favorite animal print!)


Get your man involved, too!
(Thanks to Bella Sugar for these pics!)

If you’re really creative, go all out! Have fun!

So ladies, will you be painting your face for Halloween? What creative ideas will you display this year?