With 2012’s New York Fashion Week currently underway, I couldn’t help but take a peek back at last season’s fashion show and see what we might expect for this fall’s newest makeup trends. Many of the makeup trends seen on last season’s runway helped pave the way for the entire year’s greatest looks, from neutrals to ravishing red lips and bold eyes. We couldn’t get enough new ideas last year, and I can hardly wait to see what beauty trends await us this year!
Beauty Trends from 2011 NY Fashion Week:
1. Thick, dark eyebrows
2. Shades of red
3. Colorful, smoky eyes
4. Natural & neutral
5. Metallics
5. Defined eyeliner
Backstage Beauty at NYFW 2012:

Now that you are all caught up on which beauty trends you will need to be sporting for fall, I thought I would give you a sneak peaek of the backstage make-up going on right now in New York for NYFW. 
Stay tuned for more 2012 NYFW updates. Let the beauty trends unfold! Need to see updates as they happen? Go here!
(photos courtesy of tumblr and style.com)