Graduation is upon us and we are searching for the perfect beauty finishing touches! We have gathered some of our best beauty looks to compliment the dress, the cap, and the gown! Regardless of your style, we have a graduation beauty look for you – read on for more!

Sweet and Flirty
If looking more classic and understated is your vibe, we have the perfect, sweet makeup and nails to get you from student status to graduate girl!

Graduation Beauty - Sweetheart

We love this eye for its pretty and feminine vibe. The neutral pink and gold shadows should compliment any skin tone. Long lashes bring your peepers into prime focus! Check out the blog here for the full tutorial!

Graduation Beauty - Sweetheart Mani

This chic, nude nail is the absolute best because you get fun nail art and a classic look in one! The glam silver stripe catches the light, while the appearance of negative space at the cuticle elongates the nail bed! Check out the how-to here!

Cool-Girl Cute
If effortless cool is your vibe, look no further. We have a few looks to keep you chic without trying too hard.

Graduation Beauty - Cool Girl

With just two swipes of liner, you can achieve the ultimate glam cateye. This timeless look is kind of the epitome of cool-girl chic. Check out how easy it is over here!

Graduation Beauty - Cool Girl Mani

As for the ultimate cool-girl nails, all you need  to start is a chic black nail polish. After that dries, add a few dots of gold for some extra sparkle. Head over to the tutorial for details!

Go Glam
If being sexy and chic is your game then we have the looks for you!

Graduation Beauty - Vixen

Ready to get glam with an unforgettable look? Catch everyone’s attention with this with this chic and smokey eye. The silver shadow compliments the darker shades of sultry smoke for an elongating and wide-eyed look! Check out the how-to in this link.

Graduation Beauty - Vixen Mani

You’ll need an equally eye-catching mani to keep up with that sexy shadow. Grab a beautiful burgundy and leave a negative space “v” at the cuticle for something a little different. This updates a classic look and stays glam at the same time! Head over to the tutorial to see how!

No matter what kind of look you are going for, we hope these graduation beauty inspire you on you for your special ceremony!