I’m one of those girls who has always admired crazy, vibrant hair colors but never actually had the guts to commit to the look herself. The farthest I’ve gone is a bright copper red, which has been my staple for the last year.
Wanting to change up my look and needing a little inspiration, I went on a Google image hunt and discovered a rainbow of bright hair colors worn well.
Dying your hair an extreme artificial color has the reputation of being rebellious and punk rock, so I wanted to show the sleek, glamorous side of these colors.  Ones that seemed as sophisticated as they were unique. 
My favorite is the peach one. What’s yours? Tell me about your extreme hair dying experiences too!   
Bright Cherry Red
Princess Peach
Go Bananas
Green Peace
Lemon with a Twist
Got the Blues
Pure Plum Fun
Magenta Magic