glowy makeup look - halloween makeup for 2018

One of the most important parts of any Halloween costume is the makeup that accompanies it! Some Halloween costumes are built around makeup alone, while others are complemented by picking the right beauty products and application to give your outfit some oomph and let everyone know what you’re supposed to be. Whether you’re going for glowy or want to try something spooky, here are our favorite Halloween makeup tips to make your look boo-tiful for every party!

If your costume is ultra girly… go for a full-on glow! Costumes like mythical creatures, goddesses, fairies, angels, and princesses, not to mention many pop culture-inspired costumes, benefit from an ethereal makeup style. Apply highlighter to all the high points of your face, and keep all your colors golden or neutral in tone. A soft wash of a light brown or bronze eyeshadow, with plenty of highlighter in your inner corners and on the brow bone, will help define your eyes without any harsh lines. Pink or coral blush and a pinky-nude lip complete this pretty look fit for any party.

If your costume is a little bit scary… don’t be afraid to get messy (and become best friends with your makeup remover). Costumes like skeletons, vampires, zombies, and anything with special effects require a little bit of practice and precision to create the spooky look, so don’t worry about not getting it right on the first try. Use your makeup remover to clean up any marks or lines that end up where they don’t belong and layer products on top of each other to give depth to the shadows you’re trying to create. If you are using fake blood, be sure to wear something you don’t care about staining while you apply it and while it sets so you don’t ruin your clothes. Luckily for some scary costumes, the messier, the better, so just go with it and have fun!

glam makeup look for halloween 2018

If your costume is retro glam… use long-wear products to make sure your bold look lasts all night long. Classic costumes that require cat eye makeup, red lips, and contour look amazing at the start of the night, but if you are using products that easily transfer, you’ll end up looking more spooky than sultry before long. Use a primer for your eyeshadow and a waterproof, long-wearing liquid or gel eyeliner to make sure your wings remain even throughout the night. Try a matte liquid lipstick and use a lip liner to keep your pout in place through dancing and drinking. Put on primer before foundation and be sure to set your contour appropriately with powder and a setting spray to help your look stay in place well into the witching hour.

If your costume is animal-inspired… ask a friend to help keep it even. If you’re going as a cat, deer, bunny, bird, or any other exotic animal, you’ll benefit from having a friend take a look to make sure your whiskers, spots, feathers, or nose is centered on your face and symmetrical on each side – you don’t want it to look lopsided! Sometimes when using face paint or eyeliner for a more complicated look, things can get off-center based on your dominant hand and the angles of your bone structure. Having a friend do it from a straight-on perspective will help make sure everything looks right from someone else’s (and the camera’s) point of view. Even if you start the look and then ask them to check for you and fill in any spots that need to be evened out, you’ll be sure your cute and fuzzy look is party ready no matter what!

Will you be trying any of these Halloween makeup tips? Share your favorite makeup tips in the comments and be sure to share your pictures on Instagram @lulus with #lovelulus! Still need a costume? Check out our posts here and here for easy ideas!