Quick poll please:  Who out there secretly loves the little perfume samples inside the magazines? Do you surreptitiously rub it on your wrist during your lunch break and hope nobody else will notice you were the one who accidentally ripped off the tabs? Do you walk around the office having people sniffing the air as you walk by? I knew it! Me too!  

Only, I have a problem. When I walk by, people sniff their heads in revulsion, not appreciation. There’s a strangely rancid air in the well, air, when I apply something awesome like Marc Jacobs Daisy or J’adore by Dior to my welcoming wrists.
For some reason, my body chemistry is such that most perfumes and sprays smell absolutely terrible on me. All my life, I’ve suffered from smelling like very old chemicals when I try on the hottest new perfume. One time, I spent almost two hours in Sephora spritzing on nearly every single perfume they had, and they ALL smelled bad. It was terrible! Even the sales ladies agreed that it was no spring bouquet on me!
Luckily, one kind woman finally took pity on me on one visit and introduced me to the amazing, wonderful, and life-changing brand called Lavanila.
Lavanila is a brand of vanilla-scented body products that are actually good for your skin and contain only natural and organic ingredients. There are no harsh chemicals, and it is free of petrochemicals, Propylene Glycol, Mineral Oils, Silicone, Synthetic Dyes, Sulfates, Parabens, or Phthalates. I can barely spell most of those words, muchless know what they mean, so the fact that they are NOT in my perfume makes me very happy! In other words, then, Lavanila is a fragrance line that is good for your skin! 
Using Madagascar vanilla (from which they take the name for the product) as a base, they combine it with wonderful things like grapefruit, lavender, orange blossom, coconut, and passionfruit to create fragrances, body lotion, lip care, deodorant, sunscreen, and candles that smell delicious and won’t irritate your skin or make you smell like a dead animal. For some reason, the natural scents and absence of chemicals is the perfect combination! All my guy friends used to say I smelled like cookies! Yum!
My personal favorite is the Pure Vanilla scent, which I currently carry as a rollerball in my purse so I can just add a little extra whenever I want, but I’m also rather partial to the Vanilla Grapefruit, and I’m dying to try the new Vanilla Passionfruit!

I have been wearing this fragrance for almost four years now, and I’m still absolutely in love with it. If vanilla is your scent, then this brand is definitely for you because there are enough variations to keep you interested throughout the year. Plus, in addition to smelling great and being great for your skin, every order you make goes to the planting of a new tree! 

Have I convinced you yet? Head over to the Lavanila website to check out their awesome products and order some happy for your life!

Any other Lavanila lovers out there already?