If any of you are as obsessed with Ryan Gosling as we are, then you’re absotively posolutely going to swoon over these nail decals from Rad Nails. Not only do they have your favorite Hey Girl face, but they also feature the not-so-ugly mugs of Joe Jonas, Robert Pattinson, Zac Efron, and Pharrell. Um, sign me up!

For only $18, you can get twenty in a pack, so there are enough to decorate your tootsies, too! You can choose from a clear wrap or a white wrap, so you can even create your own base if you feel so inclined.
Now, I know that you’ll be drooling over these pretty faces, but please remember they’re not edible. Sad, I know.
For more nail art or to buy your own set of delicious dudes, head on over to their website and shop! There are a ton of other great sets as well for all you manicure-minded missies!
(Images courtesy of Rad Nails.)