Good Monday to you all! Today started off as a total Murphy’s Law morning: dead car battery on my way to the gym, torn fingernail, and spilled diet coke all over my front seat on the way to work. Luckily, I was still able to make it to work on time and looking fabulous due to my favorite eyeshadow secret:
Now, this particular quad is the palette for brown eyes, but the colors here are so versatile that they’ll look great with any peepers. (They do have palettes specific to each eye color, however, if you want to play around with those at some point.)
This particular eyeshadow case costs about five or six bucks, depending on where you get it, but it’s well worth your money. Each of the four colors here has just a hint of shimmer that will really help open up your eyes after a long weekend (or a morning like mine!). Plus, if you use a good primer (check out Stephanie’s pick here) these colors will stay on alllll day long without getting all gross and creasy on your lids.
Now, you can easily wear each of these colors alone if you want to go for a simple, monochromatic look. Or, you can use the numbering system (there is a number stamped into the corner of each color block so you know which to use first) to create a great smoky, going-out look. 
However, my personal favorite color combination comes from using just numbers 2-4. Got five minutes? Good!
Grab the following:
1. Above makeup palette.
2. Brown eyeliner pencil
3. Eyelid primer
4. Mascara
5. Eyelash Curler 
Okay, here we go.
Step one:  Apply primer to eyelids. Use a brush or your finger to cover all the way up to your browbone. (30 seconds)
Step two:  Line top and bottom lid with brown eyeliner. We are not going for a precise line here, just a little more definition, so don’t worry about making the application perfect. Plus, you’ll probably end up covering some of the line with the shadow. (1 minute)
Step three. Using an eyeshadow brush, cover lid with color number four from the pallette. Apply about halfway up to browbone and extend out toward corner of eyelid. (30 seconds)
Step four. Using another brush, apply color number three to beneath browbone and to inner corners of eyes. (30 seconds)
Step five. Apply color number two to the outer half of the crease in your eyelid. (30 seconds)
Step five. Blend slightly (and add another swipe of eyeliner pencil if you want). (30 seconds)
Step six. Apply mascara. (1 minute)
Step 7. Curl eyelashes. (30 seconds)
Step 8. Ta-da!
Once you get this down to an art, it should only take you about three or four minutes. You can also skip the eyeliner for a more fresh-faced look and save yourself a minute, or you can use black eyeliner to start and finish off with liquid liner for a more dramatic, night-time fairy-tale look.
Here’s a quick little snapshot of my Monday morning eye look. 
 Annddd, here are some close-up swatches of the shadows by themselves, thanks to Pretty as Peaches.
Will you try this look? Or will you come up with one of your own?