Hi everyone! I’m Samantha, a new marketing intern here at Lulus, and cute clothing is just one of the many things that excite me! Makeup is another hobby of mine, and having worked at a makeup counter, I have learned tons of do-it-yourself tricks that save me a lot of time and money. Let me share one of my favorites with you: how to make your own (natural) eye makeup remover!
This is incredibly simple and one of the best money-saving beauty tricks I have ever learned; plus, the olive oil you use is a natural conditioner for your lashes!
Step 1:
  Gather the supplies. You will need a small bottle with a cap; you can most likely find this in the cosmetics department of any drug store. (Usually, they are in the bins with all of the travel size shampoos and soaps). Next, pick up some witch hazel and some extra virgin olive oil. If you just have regular olive oil in your cabinet at home that will work fine too!


 Step 2:
Time to mix! Create a 50/50 mixture of olive oil and witch hazel and fill up your empty bottle! Shake it up and voila! You have an all-natural (not to mention inexpensive) eye makeup remover!
One more quick tip:
Just dip the end of a Q-tip in the mixture to wipe away any smudges or mistakes you might make while doing your makeup! 

Happy removing!

Do you have any beauty tricks of your own? Please share in the comments below!