Alright, ladies. I have a seriously sweet blog for you this afternoon. A few weeks ago, a friend of mine who used to work at Lulus and is now studying to be a radio DJ sent me the video below. She knew that I had been looking for some unique hairstyles to feature, and she found this hairstyle from the YouTube page of a band called Karmin.

Now, I didn’t really care about the band at first in my excitement to learn how to do the mohawk. Check it out:  How to make your hair into a mohawk? Without shaving your head? Um, okay!
Now, if you’re anything like me, you not only fell in love with this sweet hair-do (and are currently attempting it as you read), but also in love with the gorgeous Amy. I immediately had to find out more about her band, which is composed of herself and her fiancé! How stinkin’ adorable are they?

   KAR•MIN [car-men] – noun, in Latin meaning “song,” with altered spelling to hint “karma.”
 Here’s a little bit from their bio:
Karmin is a collision of Nick [Noonan]’s Classic Rock upbringing and Jazz education (a trained trombonist) and Amy [Heidemann]’s R&B influence and Pop background. Together they found music at its simplest form: percussion and voice. With the addition of guitar, Karmin pulls the listener back to a time where music was sincere and honest. Simplicity is key with this music!”
Basically, I’m obsessed with this duo now. Somehow, they mix rock ‘n’ roll, pop, acapella, and harmony in a retro-inspired blend of awesome. For example, check out their cover of Chris Brown’s “Look at me Now”:
See what I mean? Amazing! Because I know you now want to listen to everything else they’ve ever put together, I suggest you head over to their YouTube page for some more sweet tunes. Want even more? Check out their website for pics, music, shows, and even some rad t-shirts!