It’s not every day that the ultimate in young pop superstars comes out with a sensitive new fragrance; it’s SOMEDAY by Justin Bieber!
“SOMEDAY by Justin Bieber is more than just a fragrance: it’s energy with a state-of-mind that inspires. It is a personal gift straight from his heart, giving fans a chance to get one step closer to Justin.”
The scent is fresh and floral, and completely age appropriate for the younger crowd. I imagine you could keep it in your gym locker for a dab of clean-smelling essence after a long hour of field hockey. Just make sure your girlfriends don’t steal it all!
Hearts are indeed abounding, not only in the colorful bottle design, but with all of the profits going to charities like Make-A-Wish Foundation and Pencils of Promise, Justin seems to be carrying a very big heart beneath that black pleather jacket. (Not such a bad place for you or your little sis to vicariously cuddle up to.)
With so many fine reasons to wear this fragrance, I’d like to leave it up to our readers.
Will YOU be wearing SOMEDAY?