I don’t know about you, but I am often in a quandary when it comes to my hair. Do I wear it all down and flowy and girly, or do I pull it out of my way and not have it stuck to my chapstick all the time? Whenever I leave the house with a rubber band around my wrist, I feel edgy, undecided, and unsure about the future of my ‘do.
A couple of days ago, I clicked onto my daily Glamour.com email and was instantly entranced by the models in the Emilio Pucci Spring 2012 Milan Fashion Week. Instead of the weird slicked-backness that has been going on lately, these beauties were sporting some ultra low ponytails.  Check it out:
Um, gorgeous right? Super romantic and flowy while still pulled back to keep it interesting. The fact that they used scarves instead of regular old rubber bands to hold the hair together added a really cool gypsy vibe to it all.
Here’s what it looked like from the back: 
And the side:
And the front:
Aside from the fact that I’m drooling over that gorgeous red ensemble on the right, I also love the way it almost looks like the models have a lob (long bob) at the front, with a really sexy side part and soft waves.
Of course, if girly and romantic isn’t really your style, you can always do something like this:
Simply straighten your hair, nix the scarf, and add in a little texturizing cream for an urban, edgy take.
Here’s one more idea, à la the lovely Kristen Bell:
With a clear rubber band and some soft curls, she’s parted the front in the middle for a more face-framing look. All you need to DIY is really a comb and a hair holder of some sort. Either braid your hair or throw in a few curls with the curling iron, pick your front part, and then fasten the hair at the back. Ta-da! 
So, have I sold anybody else on this look yet? Or do you think it’s too sloppy?
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(Pics courtesy of fashiongonerogue, glamour.com, and stylebistro.)