Braids are much loved for their style, simplicity and cuteness.
Fishtail braids are definitely increasing in popularity this summer, and how could they not? With stars like Diane Kruger rockin’ the fishtail plait at the Cannes Film Festival, it’s easy to see what’s so graceful and appealing about this look.
As far as achieving this look goes, it’s pretty easy. Sorta like a french braid, but the hair is sectioned and transfered a bit differently. It works best for long hair, and short layers can be tricky to work in.
For a visual refrence, I love this video from Pixiwoo for her “English Rose Hair Tutorial.” She makes her braid off to the side and pins it up for a darling effect. The bow headband she puts on at the end is the cherry on top!
Now to grow my hair out just a couple inches longer… 
Photo above found via Elle Magazine