Braids braids braids! They seem to be everywhere lately and if you find yourself twisting and twirling your hair to no avail, fear not, this Lulus how-to will teach you how to create a waterfall braid in five easy steps!


Waterfall Braid

– Start with small section of hair and begin a simple french braid.

– Continue the french braid only pulling new pieces of hair from the top, not the bottom.

– Leave the section pulled from the top down and grab a new piece from underneath to continue braiding with.

– Continue these steps until you reach the opposite side of the head.

– End with a small simple braid – Once at the bottom, hold the middle piece down and scrunch the remaining two pieces upward to make a zig-zag shape and voila!


Are you going to try this ‘do for yourself? Tag a picture on Instagram with @lulus so we can see your crafty coif!

Stay tuned for more braid tutorials next week!