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Ready to wow everyone with a chic updo for your next formal occasion? This hairstyle only looks complicated, when actually it’s just a few simple steps to achieve a perfectly touseled look that’s gorgeous for bridesmaids, going to a formal dance, or as a homecoming hairstyle. Want to get the look? Read on for a quick and easy twisted updo hair tutorial!

Steps 1 and 2 for the Homecoming Hair Tutorial

Step 1: Start with wavy hair for added texture and part your hair where it is most flattering to your face. This look works with both center and side parted hair. Section your hair above the ear on the right side of your head, and then separate that section into two pieces. Twist the two pieces of hair around each other and pin to the left side of your head with bobby pins, just behind your left ear.

Step 2: Repeat step 1 on the left side of your head.


Steps 3 & 4: With both twists pinned to the opposite sides of the head, tuck the ends into the twist and pin in place so the look is seamless. Add any additional bobby pins to make sure the hair is secure. Once the hair feels secure, loosely pull at the twists to loosen and add texture. You can even add a texture spray or powder to give the twists additional hold and volume.


Review your work and adjust your twists and bobby pins if necessary. If you like, you can keep this look as a half up and half down style, but if you want an updo, move on to the next steps!


Step 5: Section the bottom half of your hair into two pieces. Starting with the left section, repeat the twisting process from the previous steps. Then bring the twists around to the right side and begin pinning the twists down to the back of your head, coiling the twist back around to the left if needed.

Step 6: Repeat on the right side, twisting and pinning toward the left and coiling back toward the right if needed. Add any additional pins to the twists to make them secure to the back of your head, and loosely texturize the bottom section as you did in the previous steps. Finish with hairspray and you’re done!

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Put on your party dress and you’re ready to go! If you tried this hair tutorial, show us your finished look on Instagram @lulus!