Recruitment is not the time to show off your costume makeup skills. During rush it’s best to keep it fresh and natural and let your true beauty shine through! Our natural eye makeup tutorial is the perfect way to look polished, beautiful and totally you!


1.) Start with your lightest eye-shadow in white or cream color concentrating on the inner lid.
2.) Using an angled shadow brush, choose a golden coral eye-shadow above the crease moving from the middle to the outer lid.
3.) Choose a pointed shadow brush to pull a matte hazelnut brown color just through the crease of the lid.
4.) Gently blend the 3 colors.
5.) Line the upper lash line with a chocolate brown shadow using a fine point liner brush.
6.) With the same dark brown shadow, lightly smudge the outer upper lid to create definition.
7.) Using the same brush and technique as Step 5, line the outer lower lash line.
8.) for a little more dramatic look, smudge the upper lash line with black shadow.
Finish the look with 2 fresh coats of mascara and voila! A beautiful natural makeup look to wear to any occasion!