Just because New York Fashion Week is over, that doesn’t mean you still can’t rock your fashion week best wherever you go! Curb those high-fashion cravings with our latest NYFW Inspired Hair Tutorial! We adore the easy look of this looped, low bun, that can be worn long and asymmetrical, or pinned up for a neat finish. Run over to our full tutorial below for all the steps and tips to get this look!

NYFW Inspired Hair

1. Begin this hairstyle by pulling your straightened hair back into a low ponytail using a clear, elastic hair-tie.
2. Comb and smooth out the ponytail as needed.
3. Pull the ponytail upwards while holding the end piece to the left side of the hair-tie.
4. Twist your hair to the right as shown to create a loop with the pony (while keeping the end out).
5. Lightly fan out the loop to your liking and begin pinning underneath starting from the bottom and working upward.
6. Continue to pin as you go up and around to the left side of the loop.
7. Once securely fastened, use hairspray to keep in place.
8. Keep the pony end piece out for the full NYFW-inspired look!
9. For a more refined look, hide the elastic hair-tie by tucking and pinning the ponytail end up along the right side.
10. Complete with another round of hairspray!