Achieving the perfect blow dry is easy with this handy-dandy hair tutorial! It’s the simple way to heat style your hair and the results are stunning! You’ll look like you just came from the salon every time you step out of your house. Follow the steps and you’ll never have a bad blowout again!BlowDryHair
1. While your hair is wet, spritz all over with heat protecting spray.
2. Since bangs tend to naturally dry the fastest, start by blow drying your bangs using the straightening attachment to your blow dryer and a round brush.
3. Blow dry the rest of your hair until it’s slightly damp.
4. Next, blow dry the bottom third of your hair with the straightening attachment.
5. Repeat with the middle section.
6. With the last section, round brush the hair upwards as you blow dry to create lift at the crown of your hair.
7. Take the straightening attachment off, flip your hair upside down and blow dry using cold hair to set the look.