LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics is a Lulus favorite for taking great care of your skin! An amazing bath and body brand, LUSH uses fresh and organic ingredients, such as fruits, veggies, and natural oils, they hand make incomparable products! We teamed up with them to get the scoop on the must-haves to win the war on Winter skin, and here is what they recommended! See below for our rave reviews!

1. Dream Cream Hand and Body Lotion
This hand and body lotion is LUSH’s number one seller of all time for a reason! With rich olive oil and cocoa butter, this moisturizer is ultra soothing for dry winter skin! A little goes a long way-start with a dab and work it in to suffering skin for instant cure for your winter skin concerns! Around the office, our seasonal complaints range from flaky dry skin to irritated redness. With Lush’s soothing lavender, oatmilk, and chamomile blend, Dream Cream really lives up to it’s name! As a new Lulus fave, we will definitely turn to this mild and soothing lotion season after season!

2. The Olive Branch Shower Gel
Well known as a peace offering, the olive branch has a long history of kind gestures. Do your body a favor and extend some kindness it’s way by picking up the Olive Branch Shower Gel. Shower gels tend to make a lofty list of promises and we have heard them all. It is rare to actually find a product that lives up to it’s pledges of moisture and skin softening effects. This gel, full of antioxidants, fair trade olive oil, and mandarin juice, actually leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated rather than stripped down. Extra points- it smells faintly of a hot guys cologne!

3. Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner
OK, so every now and again, you find that one beauty product that you do not see yourself living without. Your routine will simply NO T be complete without this one key piece. For us, it is currently the Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner. It’s simple, after you cleanse your body, apply a small amount of Ro’s on the skin, paying extra attention to dry areas. Take a moment to let it soak in and then rinse it off! Think of it like a hair conditioner. Weird concept, we know, but it really is the most luxe and essential way to treat your body. It leaves your skin silky smooth with a lingering smell of fresh rose petals. Cocoa butter and argan oil are just two of the many rich moisturizers in this product. You HAVE to give this one a try! Your winter skin will thank you.

4. Breath of Fresh Air Skin Toner
A good toner should not be overlooked as part of your seasonal skin care regime. Toners help balance the skin and prepare it for the treatment products and moisturizers to follow, allowing you to use less. When you’re spending a pretty penny on a quality facial moisturizer, you will be surprised how much of a difference you will see when using a toner. The Breath of Fresh Air toner has gentle seawater for cleansing, and seaweed extract softens while adding a vitamin boost! Use this product whenever you need a fresh boost! Long days at the office, red-eye flights, after washing your face and more-toners are pretty the much anytime/anyplace way to give your skin a pick-me-up! LUSH pro tip for the upcoming Spring and Summer- “Keep a bottle in the fridge for a refreshing and revitalizing spritz after being in the sun”.

5. Ultrabland Facial Cleanser
During the Winter, cleansing your delicate and dry face can seem like a chore with uncomfortable results. Chapped, tight skin gets further comprised when using harsh cleansers that strip your skin of essential oils and moisture. Did you know you can get the same squeaky clean face with a thick and rich creme? Sounds crazy right? Quite the opposite! The easiest way to remove dirt and oil is with something that is rich in essential oils, allowing skin impurities to cling to the cleanser. Use the uh-MA-zing Ultrabland Facial Cleanser and smooth your way to happy skin! This thick facial cleanser is full of nourishing beeswax, honey, and essential oils to give your dry skin the relief it deserves. Perfect for all skin types (wow!), this product is a stand out for winter skin issues. Apply in circular motions and then remove with a cotton pad or warm washcloth. Your skin will thank you!

6. Full of Grace Serum Bar

Sometimes, the chilly season is just so overwhelming on your skin. Needing a little extra to solve your winter skin mysteries? This serum bar is full of tropical butters to hydrate, chamomile to sooth, and mushroom extract to improve elasticity. Simply hold the bar in your hand allowing it to soften and melt a bit, then smooth over chapped cheeks and other dry areas, reaping the benefits of all the amazing ingredients packed into one tiny miracle bar!