Oxblood, merlot, wine, burgundy, maroon… Whatever name you decide to call this deep red colour, it’s without a doubt it’s the colour of the season. From head to toe, we’re seeing these rich coloured clothes and accessories everywhere, and I still can’t get enough!

This week I’m going to combine the hottest colour with a classic manicure look– the half moon manicure. It looks glamourous, doesn’t require long nails and is SO easy to do with this one special trick! Check it out:

Here’s the look we’re going for:

What you’ll need:

-oxblood colour nail polish
-fast dry top coat
-paper reinforcement stickers

Start with some paper reinforcements– yes, those little stickers in your stationary kit that you use to fix ripped out punched holes!

Now stick a single sticker on each of your nails, carefully positioning them to how you want your half moons to appear. I went a bit higher than where my natural moons are.

Then using your nails (on your other hand) carefully press the stickers in at your cuticles so that they are sitting nice and flat on your nails.

Now that all your stickers are firmly in place, just paint your nails as usual with very thin coats of polish.

Allow each coat to dry completely in between, keeping the stickers in place the whole time.

Let your nails dry briefly and carefully peel off each sticker to reveal your perfect half moons!

Top coat and you’re done! You can also do the same but with a coat of colour as a base so that you have contrast colour moons, but I love the look of the oxblood contrasting my natural nails.