Hey ladies, 

This week we're going to show you a really simple technique that any nail art novice can master in no time. You only need two nail polish colors and a household object to make little polka dots! We were inspired by these cute spotty Lulus finds below that highlighted the dotty trend:

The When in Dot Polka Dot Trench Coat, the Dot Tamale Polka Dot Skinny Jeans and the THML On the Dotted Line Polka Dot Sweater.


Here’s the look we’re going for:



What you’ll need:

– black nail polish
– white nail polish
– fast dry top coat
– a dull pencil

We chose to use a dull pencil as a dotting tool for our polka dots but you can also use a bunch of other household objects for this nail art technique. You can make tiny dots with the end of a toothpick or a pin and the head of a pin can make large dots!

Start with a few coats of your base color. Allow the coats to dry completely before continuing.

Then take your white nail polish (any contrasting color will work!) and put a few drops onto a scrap piece of paper or on some foil. 
Then use your "dotting tool" and dip it into the paint.

Simply touch the tip of the pencil to your nail and you'll have a perfect dot! 

Continue dotting over all of your nails while trying to keep the dots evenly spaced out.

and then add a top coat and you're done-- your nails will be cute as a button!