Since October rolled around, we could really feel the weather changing and the days shortening. The good news is that this means fall fashion is in full swing, but it also means we’re thinking about Halloween a lot more! This week we’re going to show you how to do some awesome pumpkins or jack-o-lanterns on your nails, which are an awesome themed manicure for Halloween or Thanksgiving.
Here’s the look we’re going for:
What you’ll need:
  • white base colour
  • yellow nail polish
  • orange nail polish
  • striper brush
Start with a few coats of your base colour, letting each coat dry in between.
Then take a yellow polish and apply it to the tip of your nail in two strokes, forming the top part of a heart.
Then use your striper brush and dip into your orange colour. Apply the orange on top of the yellow in wedge-like shapes. Fill in the whole pumpkin shape, just leaving fine yellow stripes.¬†(I did the yellow before the orange because my yellow is so sheer, it wouldn’t show up on top of the orange. If your yellow polish is more opaque, feel free to reverse the two steps above!)
Clean off your brush with some nail polish remover and then dip into the green polish. Apply a little stem on top of your pumpkin!
OPTIONAL: Apply little swirly vines on the tops of some pumpkins with the same green. or add jack-o-lantern faces to your pumpkins with a black nail art pen!
Top coat and you’re done!