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Let’s be real, the cost of homecoming (and regular manicures in general) can add up quick. Pinch some pennies and flex your DIY skills by creating your own minimal-chic homecoming nail look you can wear to the dance or any day of the week! We are loving this look lately because it’s low-key cute, with just a little bit of sparkle, and it’s simple enough you can re-create it on your own. Before you get going, check out how to grow strong, natural nails here so you have a perfect base. Ready to achieve minimal-chic homecoming nails perfection? Read on for our step-by-step tutorial!

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Here is everything you’ll need:

  • — A good base coat – trust us, a base coat will give your mani the staying power you need to keep the party going without chips
  • — A pale pink polish – we used Samoan Sand by O.P.I.
  • — A gold glitter polish, preferably a chunky glitter – we used Summit of Style by Essie
  • — Top coat – crucial for a no-chip mani
  • — Optional: nail polish remover and cotton swabs on hand to clean up any mistakes; toothpicks or a fine brush for details

And here’s how you get the look:

1. First, prep your nails. Trim and file them if desired, and then apply your base coat and let it dry.

2. Apply the pale pink polish to each of your nails. And let them dry completely – this is very important so you don’t end up with a smudgy mess when you add your gold details, so let them get really dry! 

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3. Choose the nail you want to be all glitter – we went with the ring finger because it’s the classic accent nail choice. 💁 Apply the glitter polish to the entire accent nail. It’s easiest to apply a big dollop of the glitter at the base, and then spread it evenly down the nail with the brush. We like a fully glittered nail, so we used quite a bit of polish to get the look. You can do multiple layers to get your desired effect, just be sure to let the polish dry fully in between coats.

4. Next, add the glitter dot details to the rest of the nails. We used the brush from the nail polish bottle to apply little dots of the glitter along the base of each nail, but you could also use a toothpick or fine brush if you wanted super precise application. 

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5. Let them dry – seriously, all the way dry.

6. Apply top coat and clean up your edges with a cotton swab dipped in polish remover. 

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Tada! You’re ready to slay!

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