Bad hair day? Running late?
I hear ya. That’s pretty much me every day. So, in honor of my perpetual lateness to everything under the sun, I’ve decided to put together a little review session for all you lovely ladies on how to survive bad hair on a day when you have no time to fix it.
Here we go!
Option 1:  Put on a hat. Ta-da! Invest in a couple of different styles that make you feel cute and don’t give you a headache after a couple of hours. Try a beanie, a fedora, a big floppy, or, in a pinch, your sweetie’s baseball cap!
Option 2:  Can’t wear a hat to work? Slip on a headband. The great thing about headbands is that they instantly make you look classy and polished. Take it from Miss Bardot:
The process:  Run a little anti-frizz cream through your hair, tease the top layer of your hair a little bit, and slip it on. (Time? Less than a minute!)
Option 3: Fix up the front. One of the easiest ways to look like you tried without actually doing much work is to spend two seconds doing your bangs. Grab your blow dryer or straightener and blast the front pieces smooth to form some soft pieces around the sides of your face. Then, throw the rest of your hair into a messy bun at the side or the back. Don’t have bangs? Sleek all of your hair back to the back, throw on some black eyeliner and lipstick, and rock your bad self for the day!
Optional:  Add a scarf or bandana and some chic shades!
Option 4: Braid the night before. If you know you’re a late person in general, or that you’re going to have a crazy day the next day, then throw your hair into a french braid the night before. Again, rub a little anti-frizz cream through your hair to prevent minimal pillow damage, and then put it in a fairly tight braid (a lot will loosen in the night). In the morning, unbraid and let it flow! Throw in some cute clips if you want.
Option 5:  Braid in the morning. In following with Option 4, the braid is a great choice for bad/quick hair days. Messy is in, so it definitely doesnt have to be perfect. Try it to the side for a little casual glam, or leave it loose in back.

Note:  all of these style work SO much better when paired with dry shampoo. Every girl should have a can of this stuff — simply spray on roots and greasy bits, rub in with your fingers, and ta-da! Insta volume and the greasy is gone! Make sure you get an invisible one that doesn’t leave any white residue. There are different kinds of dry shampoo for different kinds of hair, so you may have to try a few to get one that works with your hair. 
 I hope this helps! However, I’m sure there are many, many other ways to survive bad hair day. Got your own solution? Post your tips in the comments below!