Paris Haute Couture Fashion week is a time of over-the-top designs, costume-y creations, and generally pushing the line. It’s a chance for designers to let loose that bizarre little child living in their brains and craft outfits that would make the movies proud. As always, the Spring/Summer 2012 show did not disappoint. 
In addition to the clothing and the outfits, the makeup in so many of these shows is just out of this world. For your viewing pleasure, I’ve picked out some of the coolest/most outrageous face and hair combos spotted on the runway. Think you could rock any of these?
A flower child of Alexis Mabille.
How about a classy mohawk, a la Chanel?
Check out this sick braid on the models of Christophe Josse (I totally want to try this at home!).
Jean Paul Gaultier‘s whole show was dedicated to Amy Winehouse’s memory.
Okay, while this isn’t regular makeup, the body art of Franck Sorbier IS the sweetest body makeup I’ve seen in a long time.
Oh, hello, future of fashion. Slick ponytails and dark eye makeup of Versace kindof had a Tron theme going, don’t you think?
Forest nymph, anyone? Maurizio Galante‘s models rocked some interesting foliage.
Please note the tiny dots beneath the eyes of Maxime Simoens‘s girls. Cool, or weird?
And then, just to be all NORMAL and stuff, Ellie Saab went with just plain, pretty, and powerful lashes. 
I would say don’t try these looks at home, but I’m actually hoping some of you actually will . . . and then post the pictures for us to see . . . just sayin’. 
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