Good morning lovely Lulus ladies! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter with friends or family and are now fully charged for the week ahead!
As promised, my post today is the second installment in the Prom Hair How-To Series. For this look, I wanted to create a style that had a bit of a retro feel to it, a la Brigitte Bardot.
However, I also wanted it to be modern and classy enough to wear with a fancy dress to a prom or dance. My lovely friend Sarah was gracious enough to be my hair model this time, and together we came up with a look that (I hope!) mixes vintage, glamor, and elegance and only takes about twenty to thirty minutes to pull off.
In honor of our lovely sixties siren, I used Picnik‘s photo editor to make the photos look like they were from an old camera. Pardon my cheesiness, and hope you enjoy!
What You Need:
Curling Iron (1.5″ inch is good for big, round curls)
Bobby Pins (the color of your hair is best)
Claw Clips or Something Else to Section off Hair
Hair Spray
Headband or Ribbon
Step 1:  Starting at the bottom of the head, curl hair into big ringlets. It’s okay if the root stays straight because you’re going to flatten it out later anyway.
Step 2:  Once hair is fully curled, hairspray! These curls are going to get a bit mushed later, so they need staying power.
Step 3: Part hair at either the side or the middle. Using clips, section off the first third of the crown and your bangs. Brush the rest of the hair backwards.
Step 4: With a comb, gather small pieces of the swept-back hair and gently tease them to create volume. Push gently so you don’t damage the hair. (Note:  it also helps to blow dry your crown with some volumizing spray before you curl it.)
Step 5:  Continue around the crown of the head until you get a gentle poof all around.
Step 6: Leaving the front third of hair sectioned off, gently gather one side of the poofed hair, leaving a small chunk hanging loose, and secure with a bobby pin.
Step 7: Do the same on the other side, making sure to cover all bobby pins.
Step 8:  Gently twist back the loose strands from each side and overlap them to create a soft, twisted look like below. (If your hair is thick enough, you can twist the hair the first time without leaving strands loose. Sarah’s hair is fine, so we pinned the hair back first and then added the twists.)
Step 9: Unclip one section of the front third and comb it smooth. Leave bangs loose if you have any.
Step 10: Gently pull hair smoothly behind ear…
Step 11:  …and pin at nape of neck, under the loose curls. Do the same on the other side.
Step 12:  Add a sparkly headband or a pretty ribbon (you can leave bangs loose or hairspray them to the side, as we did), and you’re done!
Step 13:  Here is the look from the other side.
Step 14:  Ready for prom!
Step 15:  (Optional) In case you get really hot from all that dancing or you just want your hair off of your neck, stash an extra bobby pin or two in your purse for a quick side ‘do. Simply gather hair to the side and shove in a bobby pin upwards from the nape of the neck.
Step 16 (Optional):  Let the curls hang over the bobby pin, and ta-da! Two looks in one!
 And there you go! Another style to pair with your perfect prom dress and shoes!
What do you think ladies? Will you try a style like this?