Prom is soon approaching, and now that you have your fabulous prom dress, you’re probably going to need an awesome hairstyle to go with it! While there are a multitude of possible ideas, I’ve decided to go ahead and do tutorials on the three basics:  up-do, down-do, and half-do. Today we will start with the up-do.
What You’ll Need:
Small Curling Iron (1″-1.5″ barrel is best)
Bobby Pins
Aerosal hair spray
Clear rubber band or band that matches your hair color.
Small flowers or gems or clips (optional)
Updos with lots of curls usually work best on hair that is at least a day old because the oil keeps the curls tighter longer. If you are like me and can’t handle dirty hair, try to wash your hair as early as possible before styling and comb texturizing spray through your hair before blowdrying or airdrying.
 How To Do It:

My gorgeous friend Julie graciously volunteered to be my hair model, and yes — it IS her natural color. So jealous! Take a look at the steps below!

 Step 1:  Separate your hair into sections and curl whole head. To get tight ringlets without kinky ends, place curling iron at middle of strand and twist curling iron away from head until entire strand is wrapped around the barrel. Mist strands lightly with hairspray after each curl is complete. (Another option is to curl hair ahead of time with curlers; if you go this route make sure to use small rollers to ensure tight curls.)



Step 2: Once entire head is curled, gather bottom half of hair into a ponytail. This can be a high or low pony, depending on what kind of updo you want. Leave the top half of your hair free by securing it with a claw or clip.

Step 3:  Gather a small section of hair from above ear and twist backwards towards ponytail. Pin in place above ponytail and leave ends hanging. Continue twisting and pinning the rest of the hair. Leave bangs loose if you want.

Step 4:  Once hair is all twisted and pinned, gather ends from ponytail and crown and pin onto head in a sort of ball. Make sure to cover elastic and bobby pins completely. For longer hair, you can pin some of the hair into “loops” on the head to keep it more secure. Feel free to leave some random pieces hanging out if you want a softer look. 

Once you’re done pinning, hairspray!! Try not to shellac it because you want a soft, touchable look, but you also don’t want it to fall out, either. 
Step 5 (Optional): Depending on what kind of look you’re going for, you can add small flowers or gems into curls. We decided to go for a more retro look and use a feather/flower clip, but you can use whatever you like.  You can also add a ribbon or headband at the front instead.

Step 6: Time to Model!  


Ta-Da! Add some bling and a killer style and you’ll be the belle of the ball!
Here are some other variations of the up-do you may want to try:
Alright girls, who is going to be trying this look for prom? Any favorite up-do styles of your own?