which fall lip trend is right for your personality

Your lip color is a crucial part of your fall look. It can make or break your entire outfit, so it’s important to find a lip trend that works best with your style and personality. But with so many kissable lip looks out there, finding the perfect one is easier said than done. Take the quiz down below to figure out which lip trend you should rock this season. Be sure to keep track of your answers as you go!

Question 1: It’s Friday night, what are you doing?


  1. A. Rush from work to meet up with friends for happy hour
  2. B. Open mic night at a local cafe
  3. C. Staying in for movie night with the girls
  4. D. Going to a hot party

Question 2: In your group of friends, you are…


  1. A. The last one to show up to everything
  2. B. The one who plans all the get-togethers
  3. C. The one who goes with the flow
  4. D. The spontaneous one

Question 3: What’s your go-to outfit?

plaid outfit for fall pumpkin patch trip

  1. A. Jeans and a t-shirt — it’s easy
  2. B. Over-sized sweater, leggings, and boots
  3. C. Jean jacket, skirt, and a cute top
  4. D. Cocktail dress and heels

Question 4: How do you celebrate the fall season?

what to wear pumpkin picking

  1. A. Haunted houses and corn mazes — bring on the adventure!
  2. B. Finding a good book and some hot chocolate
  3. C. A stroll through a pumpkin patch
  4. D. Several holiday parties and gatherings

Question 5: What is your fall season soundtrack?

the funniest podcasts to listen to at work or home

  1. A. Whatever is on the radio
  2. B. Indie or acoustic
  3. C. Light pop
  4. D. Something I can dance to

If you answered:

Mostly A: 

blurred lips trend for fall 2018

Perfection is overrated and no one has time for that! This messy look is easy to do and perfect for the babe on the run. Skip the liner and go straight for your favorite lipstick applying to the center of both the top and bottom lip. The simply use your fingers to blur the color outward. This lip is the messy look done right!

Mostly B: 

earthy tone lips for fall 2018

Organization is your strongest attribute! You’re down to earth, reliable, and know how to prioritize, and this lip look reflects that. Grab your deep browns and dusty mauves for a clean look that works both day and night!

Mostly C: 

tinted lip trend for fall 2018 beauty

Shy and subtle is your M.O. While your beauty is aspiring you prefer not to be the center of attention. You prefer letting your natural beauty shine through rather having all the glam of a bold color. A lip tint will add a light color to enhance your lip’s natural pigment or shift them ever so slightly. Feeling a little bolder today? We recommend using a lip mouse which allows for a slight tint or can be built up to a bold, vibrant color!

Mostly D: 

dewy lip trend for fall 2018

Bold and daring, you are no stranger to the spotlight! Your flair for style and zest for life makes you impossible to forget. Show off your style with a dewy lip look that is sure to grab the entire room’s attention. For you, we recommend a bright gloss, high shine lipstick or even a metallic lip stain. Be bright, bold you!

Let us know your results down below and share your lip look with your favorite outfit on Instagram with #lovelulus