If you’ve never heard of the Blue Lagoon, they are a fabulous geothermal spa in Southern Iceland that is known for its heavenly blue waters, volcanic landscape, and natural silica mud that cleanses and treats the skin. I had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend two days at the Blue Lagoon last summer, soaking in the silky pools and taking in the Icelandic landscape, and I couldn’t help but notice their seductive line of skin care products with ingredients based around the lagoon.
Now I am so excited to tell you about a special release algae mask from the skin care pros at Blue Lagoon Iceland! If you adore skin care, then you will enjoy using this smooth mask, which is unlike any I have ever tried. Instead of drying out my skin like a clay mask, the algae mask practically melts into your skin and rinses away with a clean and nourishing feel.