Thanks to the wonderful dollar movie rentals of Redbox, this weekend I was able to rent some of the films I’ve been wanting to see but was too cheap to go watch in theater. Instead of cleaning my room like I was supposed to, I sat on my bed and sat transfixed as Christina Aguilera and Cher belted out an insanely awesome performance in Burlesque.
Now, I know this movie has been out for a while, but if you haven’t watched it yet, I seriously recommend it. The plot is kinda eh, but the costumes, dancing, and vocals are totally worth your time. 
Two of the songs in the film were nominated for Best Original Song at this year’s Golden Globe Awards:  Christina’s “Bound to You” and Cher’s “You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me.” (Cher’s song, written by Diane Warren, actually won the award.) The song that caught me the most however, was Xtina’s “Bound to You,” where she not only sang one of her most beautiful ballads ever but also rocked one of the most killer looks I have seen in a long time.
Stunning, right?
Here’s a close-up:
Ahhhhhh so gorgeous! I love everything about this look, from the lime green dress to the soft hair and dramatic makeup. If I still had a prom to go to, this is definitely the look I would use. However, this is also an ensemble you could wear for a fancy cocktail party or an opera night if you wanted. Swap out the gown for a sundress and use gloss instead of lipstick, and you could also make this a super-cute first date look.
What You Need for This Look
Curling Iron
Bobbie Pins
Black Eyeliner
Red Lipstick
Ready? Let’s go:
Hair: Use a small curling iron and curl your whole head. The curls don’t have to be perfect, but try to avoid too much hairspray. You want a soft, touchable look. Then pin hair into place, sweeping up from a messy side part. Leave a few tendrils of hair loose around your face and the nape of your neck to create a soft, romantic look. Then add a fresh gardenia behind your ear (a cute fakey will work if you don’t want it to wilt), and ta-da! Instantly gorgeous hair.
Makeup:  Take a look at this tutorial below:
With just a little bit of practice, this look is totally do-able. Don’t be afraid to mess up a few times until you get it right. Now, just slip into your dress and you’re good to go! Now all we need are the lungs to go with it!
If you need some inspiration while practicing, here’s a non-movie performance of the song:
What do you think ladies? Will you try this look for yourself?