I don’t know about you, but summer is my lazy time, especially when it comes to hairstyling
Blow drying is very happily put off, and a curling iron just seems too hot to handle in 90+ temperatures.
So I say: ‘Tis the season to keep things light and simple. And why not? You’re hopefully going to dive into the nearest body of water to cool off anyway.
That being said, we like to keep our locks somewhat tame and in place. Here a couple of my favorite summer hair savers to keep you looking good with half the work. 
1. Spin Pins by Goody Simple Styles.
If you’ve read my post on the Simple Chignon but wasn’t sure how to make it work, then look no further than the spin pin. This pair of simple, corkscrew-shaped pins claims it can do the work of 20 bobby pins when creating the perfect “undone bun.” Curious, I went to my local Target and picked up a box. Now the spin pin is my new best friend. I have layers in my hair, so supplemental bobby pins are still needed, but nothing like the amount I used before! I especially love having the spin pin for summer, when the messy bun is my easy, no fuss styling option.
2. Moroccan Oil
I first discovered Moroccan Oil at the salon where I usually get my hair done. The stylist used a quarter-sized amount on my wet hair and blow dried it to silky perfection. After that, it didn’t take much convincing to get me to buy a bottle of my own. Even if I’m not planning on blow drying my hair, just a tiny amount after a shower will combat frizz and keep my hair silky smooth. This is especially good for summer when hair is prone to sun damage and humidity. It’s a bit expensive, but just a dab will do ‘ya, and one bottle will last a long time!
3. Dry Shampoo
I have very fine, thin hair which tends to look greasy and lifeless rather easily. A little dose of dry shampoo will add the bounce back, soak up those oils and give you that fresh, I-actually-did-something-to-my-hair feeling! The dry shampoo pictured above is from a great company called Hair Fix. I haven’t tried it personally yet, but I’ve featured it because it has different powders for different hair colors, yay! Most dry shampoos I find in the stores spray on white, which makes red, black or brunette hair look almost grey until it completely absorbs. Don’t forget: if you’re in a pinch, gold old fashioned baby power will do the trick!

Top photo found via My Vintage Vogue