Soaring summer temperatures are great for our tans, but unfortunately they often take our “glows” to “gross” in a matter of minutes. And let’s be honest:  running to the bathroom to scrub off clumpy foundation and runny mascara severly detracts from my laying-by-the-pool-in-my-new-bikini time. Not okay.
In order to prevent such disasters, I’ve compiled a list of some summer makeup tips to help all you ladies stay lookin’ hot when it’s, well, hot.
Primer:  Use it.
More grease? you ask. Not so. Applied after your moisturizer (or before tinted moisurizer), primer is one of the best summer tools a girl can buy. A good primer is super lightweight, evens out your skin, and holds makeup in place, thereby eliminating above-mentioned clumpage. Primers come in a variety of colors, uses, and finishes, so make sure you get one that works for your skin type.
Foundation:  Skip it. 
Yeah, I know, I know: you can’t be seen bare-faced ever, on the chance that the hot guy who rides the bus every other Monday morning might just change up his schedule and you’d be unprepared. I get it; I still have acne, too! But thick, heavy foundation + sweat = nasty. Instead, switch to a tinted moisturizer and/or powder. I love a couple coats of powder (Bare Minerals is my favorite!), or you can do the moisturizer first and then add a dusting of powder on top. A little glow in summer is a good thing, as it makes you look fresh-faced and healthy. 
Bronzer:  A must.
Bronzer looks good on almost everyone, and it automatically brightens your eyes and complexion. It completely enhances your look in just a few strokes, thereby giving you more time to pig out at the bbq on the patio. Sweep some on around your cheekbones, nose, and forehead for a sun-kissed look that doesn’t come with a burn. Just make sure not to overdo so you don’t look orange or fake-baked.
Blotting Sheets:  My favorite.
Let’s face it; you’re gonna sweat when it’s 105 degrees outside. How to eliminate nasty oil without redoing your makeup or caking on a ton more powder? Blotting Sheets! Simply dab these magic paper sheets on oily spots like your T-zones, chin, and nose, and voila:  instant matte perfection! I’m secretly obsessing over Boscia’s Green Tea Blotting Linens right now. They smell good and they’re made with 100% natural Abaca Leaf fibers.)
  Eyeshadow:  Lighten up.
A ton of creamy shadows, heavy powders, and thick liners is just asking for a hot mess. Unless you want to look like you’re crying purple rain, opt for lightweight creams and soft, loose powder. Also, apply eyelid primer. This stuff is magic and will keep on your shadow so much longer than if you had applied to bare lids.
Mascara:  Consider waterproof.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked out of the pool at the gym bewildered as to why people were staring me down, only to walk into the locker room and behold my wonderful raccoon-meet-black-eye ensemble. Switch to waterproof mascara= problem solved. (Plus, it helps your eyelashes curl better when you use an eyelash curler.) The only thing to keep in mind is that it is dang hard to get off, so invest in a good makeup remover. My fav? Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover. This stuff could take tar off your driveway without damaging even an ant.
Colors:  Use them.
If there is ever a time to wear turquoise eyeliner or hot purple eyeshadow, summer is the time to do it. When applied with proper blending and paired wiht the right wardrobe, these colors can bring a young, vibrant energy to your look without making you look like the eighties threw up on you. Fewer layers of clothes in the summer means you can add more accessories and more colors that would only make you look bulky and frumpy in the fall.
 In general:  Dare to bare your natural look and let your inner child have a little fun!