I’ve never had much luck with concealer.
Usually it smudges off or is a funky color or makes me look like I have weird discolored patches on my skin.
Suddenly, however, I have a whole new appreciation for the stuff.
Rick Genest, aka Zombie Boy or Rico, is the newest face for Dermablend, the #1 Dermatologist Recommended brand for coverage. For their newest campaign, Dermablend’s makeup artist covered up his famed tattoos to render him almost unrecognizable. 
Insane, right? You can’t even tell that this has 80% of his body covered. 
Here they are applying the Foundation and Concealer:
And here he is using Dermablend’s Makeup Remover to take it off:
 Watch the video below to see how they did it. This is seriously nuts.
Moving his way up from street vagabond to Lady Gaga’s muse, Dermablend’s makeup model, and Thierry Mugler’s runway sensation, Zombie Boy is certainly kicking butt and taking names, dontcha think?
I kinda feel like I should go invest in some of that concealer. Acne be damned!

(Pics courtesy of dailymail.co.ukadweek.com, and stylist.com.)