We’re turning your everyday ponytail on its head with this week’s Topsy Ponytail Hair Tutorial! We love how this look mimics the classic look of a french braid but with half the hassle! Take a peek at our tutorial below for tips on how to achieve this fun style!

Topsy Ponytail


– Begin by creating three evenly spaced ponytails and securing with small elastic hair-ties.

– Starting from the top, slide each hair-tie slightly away from your head to make room for the topsy.

– Next, create a hole behind the top hair-tie and flip the pony up, then down through the hole.

– Continue by combining the top and middle ponytails together (repeating the previous step for the 2nd and 3rd topsy).

– Complete the look by tightening or loosening each section to your preference!

Note: The topsy ponytails should hide the elastic hair-ties but use bobby-pins as needed.