Alright girls, it’s time for a nail polish update! Now that fall is officially here, we can start wearing all the fabulous colors this season inspires.
Fall 2010 has a ridiculous number of adorable nail trends, so I just decided to go ahead and pick my favorites!
That being said, I just have to start out with my favorite:  Katy Perry’s one-year anniversary tribute to fiancé Russell Brand at the MTV Music Video Awards.
Take a closer look:  they’re pictures of Russell!
Would you go that far for your guy?
Here’s another one that’s popping up everywhere:  the half moon. Dita Von Teese rocks this look with a cherry red varnish.
Instead of the typical French manicure tips, this trend reverses the look by highlighting the lower moons of your nails, creating a longer, more elegant look. 
According to the Good Taste blog, rumor has it that a manicurist created this trend for MGM studios in the 1920s. (If you find out any info on this, let me know!)
Another great look right now is gold: this color is a great neutral you can pair with almost anything. Plus, it adds a little bling to the more muted colors of fall. 
(Notice the cool twist on the half-moon!)
For the especially brave, check out the photo below. Try pressing gold foil onto the nail for super-shiny look. 
If you’re going for a more subtle look, try a warmer, more neutral palette. These colors are especially inspiring when the leaves are falling!
Finally, we’ve got the grunge glam look going on:  glittery, shiny, and dark.  
Katy Perry’s new Shatter Polish allows you to create a hip, rock ‘n’ roll look with ANY nail polish you already own. All you have to do it paint it over whatever color you’re wearing and ta-da! Insta-grunge glam.
OPI has a how-to video below:

 What nail trends are you wearing now? Do you have any awesome ones of your own for this fall? I’d love to see ’em!