How would you style a world in which almost everything is computer generated? In Tron: Legacymakeup and hair stylists made choices that created a look that fulfilled a futuristic fantasy while maintaining and exaggerating the actresses beauty. 

Rosalina Da Silva’s choice to use luminescent makeup to reflect and enhance the natural skin tones of the actresses in the electronic glow of the Tron world was a stylistic approach bordering on genius. The makeup artist not only embraced but utilized the effects of this fabricated glowing world to enhance the look of the movie. 

Their eyes were made to look like those of dolls by layering eye lashes on the top and bottom of the eyes. To enhance the linear trend of the costumes and set design the brows and eyes were also lined in dark black to create an even more drastic and contrasted look. 

 “Because it’s minimal and modern with no sunlight, I wanted the hair to be without color, movement, and texture,” says hair stylist Anji Bemben in an Elle article on the Tron makeup. Their hair was kept to light or dark and very strict hair cuts or updos where given to each actress to emphasize the conditions of this unnatural future world.

Watch the trailer below to see the Tron: Legacy “look” in action, then take a date to the movies this weekend!