Mornings at my place are usually a harried affair:  waking up fifteen minutes before work, it’s a mad dash to the shower and the closet to race out the door looking somewhat presentable. This obviously leaves no time for blow-drying or hair-doing…so unless I wanted to look like a giant frizzball all day, I had to come up with a quick remedy.
After a few weeks of truly tragic experiments, I found the ultimate solution:  rope braids! When I was little my mom used to do my hair in this awesome style to keep it out of my face. 
Back in the day!
When I got old enough to do it myself, however, I realized how extremely cute and versatile it could be: 
Twist Your Ponytail 
Twist in the Front
Twists with Ribbon
 Here’s are two videos on how to do a basic twist. Check ’em out, and practice on a friend!


Besides the fact that this style looks so modern and chic, one of the best thing about it is how awesome it looks when you take it out!
When my hair is still damp in the morning, I throw it up into a fast single French twist and leave it for an hour or two. When I take it out, perfect waves with no frizz! Curling irons watch out!
What’s your secret trick for fast glam?